söndag, januari 14, 2007

SP9 Package has arrived!!

Volia! My first package from SP9 has arrived!! A black and white beautiful package folowed by a photo of me (!) I wonder how she/he got hold on that! Anyway, I like the picture, I remember I had breakfast at a fancy place the day the picture was taken. Before I tell you what I got, I just have to say that I'm sooo freaked out of how someone could put together such a lovely package! I think it's rediculous how happy I was over everything in the package. Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

The package contained Eucalan woolwash, a cuper chique eye masque in black lace (I'll show you next time I have a suitable FO), "Old Dutch" candies (my SP is from the Netherlands) and a cd with the greatest music ever. It's supposed to contain a clue, but even though I've opened the packages I can't understand what the clue is...

Of course, I got yarn, Rowan's yorkshire tweed 4ply in turquise and deep purple.
The other package contained Rowan Vintage Style - the perfect pattern book! I've already cast on for Aimee which I had the yarn for.
Don't you think it's strange that so few people have knitted stuff from the book, when I already want to knit Laurent (a version can be found here), Jarret, Salina and Demi. So I have a hole lot o' knitting to do!!

I've also just cast on for "Anna Socks" from Rowan 40. Since my friend has wished for a pair of knee-high, romantic socks that she can wear when she's at home relaxing, I skipped the Rowan 4-ply Soft, that's recommended in the pattern, and picked Garnstudio's alpaca that is much softer, and can make the otherwise quite stylish socks look more romantic.


At 10:47 em, Blogger Tiger Feet said...

Hi Pia,

I love love love Vintage Knits too... and Im surprised that I've never seen any finished items on the blogs. I knit my boyfriend one of hte sweaters - can't remember it's name, but it's got the checkerboard pattern and buttons. I must have messed up the gauge, because it is huge! but he still loves it, even though I think I spent 200 dollars on the yarn...I'll post some pics on my blog if you want to look.


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