söndag, december 17, 2006

Just a sneak -peakof Santa's gifts

This year's Christmas present will be a beret! Interweave Knit's easy piecy beret so I've already given my blog reading friend a green one knitted in Rowan's Kid Classic. Below is a picture ofone that will be a present to a friend who doesn't read my blog (as far as I know).

I'm also working on my Kata shrug... It's not going that fast. The pattern is very simple... well maybe not the lace-part, which is taking time. But the main body piece is supposed to be a simple square, more than 40 cm long, and my piece reaches 23 proud cm! And then I'm going to add sleaves to this... I thought this would be a fast knit...

An other picture of the very fast beret:

Have a nice last week before Christmas! Make sure not to but too much presents and food!


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