torsdag, augusti 17, 2006

Obsession continues...

After a thorough reading of the blogs of the participants in SP8, I've narrowed the suspects down to lucky dog knits, Dandelion Spinnery, Extravayarnza, knitting solo, KNITTIOTHERAPY or craftomatique. All the others are excluded because they have already shown what they have sent their spoilees, or just written that they've sent yarn - something that my SP didn't send me! Now, the question is, who of you is it?

Phew! This detective work is exhausting!

Yesterday I had the last tennis lesson of the intensive course I've taken this summer. I've learnt so much! So far I've played tennis outdoors, so I have to find another tennis-place (court?). The choice is between a place who only want members that can pay 9400 SEK (more than 1000$) a year without a problem (according to their rules) and a place which has "People to the tennis and tennis for the people" as their slogan. Tough choice, eh?

I'm about to mail my last package to my SP-spoilee. I've finally found the required customs-form CN22! Yiha!


At 10:50 em, Anonymous Anonym said...

Close, no cigar 'till you figure out who I am!!!!

At 11:18 em, Anonymous Anonym said...

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