onsdag, juli 05, 2006

Promises, promises

Isn't this a beauty? It's made by Matthew Williamson and I want to knit it! Can't be that hard. A long ribbing, a belt that I think is knitted into the sweater somehow and then very simple cables. Perfect!

This friday I'm going to my parents' summerhouse and will stay there for a while. There is no internet there, so no blogging will be done. What I can do, however, is some knitting! This is a list of the things I will bring and work on:
  • The Norweigan stockings (I have seen proof now that Linster actually has reached the heel, soI have to make some progress too!)
  • Print o' the wave stole
  • The Rambling Rose
  • Smaller, gray ferragamo bag
That's right, the list includes almost all of my WIPs. Hopefully I can finish something, or get closer to finish something and if that doesn't happen, I will probably get home with a nice sun tan at least.

Listen closely now, because here comes a promise to all of you out there. I will not start another project, neither teh Forecast nor the Matthew Williamson one, until I'm finished with RR, one of the stockings, the knitting part of the Ferragamo bag and I'm halfway through with the stole. Ha! I will make progress now so look out!

P.S. If someone has an idea of a yarn that could be suitable for the Matty sweater, let me know, ok?


At 8:27 fm, Anonymous Erin said...

Good luck on all your WIPs. Rambling Rose is time consuming but now that the end is in sight for me I am having more fun with it. Oh and the sweater you want to knit is beautiful--I defintely want to see how you approach that one.

At 10:55 em, Blogger Fi said...

Vilken otroligt snygg tröja! Jag vill också sticka en sån :)


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