söndag, augusti 13, 2006


I've started to knit Forecast and it feels great! I've never knitted anything top-down and it's so fun to watch the shoulders grow for every row. The backlash is that for every row, there are more and more stitches, but that's part of the deal, right?

The colours are very good on the photo for once. I think it shows quite well that the two yarns are different in colours. The wool is more purple and the alpaca is more pink. They make a perfect mix and just enough colour-exitement for me.

I've realised that I'm knitting (sort of actively) three things now, Forecast in winered, Rambling Rose in pink and Print 'O the wave... in a soft purple. Very girlish coulours! And both forecast and Rambling are cute, feminine cardigans with bubbles and stuff. I thought my taste in knitting was more clean and "cool". Obviously I was wrong. :D


At 10:05 em, Blogger Linster said...

Looks great! Beautiful colour. Fi is also knitting Forecast now, I think. Possibly not actively.

I think you have a clean taste in the beginning of your knitting career, before you realize clean things aren't very fun to knit...

At 3:34 em, Blogger Fi said...

Oh yes I am (though it has been on a break for a few weeks). I'm calculating when to start again if I want it to be ready by mid-December.

I really love your choice of colors!

(and also, I have no idea why I'm writing this in English since you obviously speak Swedish anyway ;))

At 7:10 em, Anonymous Tina said...

Fördelen med att sticka uppifrån och ner är att när man väl är klar med axelpartiet, så är det genast mycket färre maskor! Man har liksom redan gjort den jobbigaste biten.

Och verkligen snygg färg!

At 12:42 em, Anonymous Anonym said...


Sorry I've been somewhat 'absent' and a BAD secret pal.

I am working on a bumper package for you to make up for my poor communication skills!!


At 4:19 fm, Anonymous Anonym said...

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