måndag, juni 19, 2006

I'm very satisfied!

And this is the reason why:
I haven't bought it, no! But I've convinced M that if we're going to California this summer (which we are) I won't settle for anything less than a convertible to cruise around in! I just hope that the one we'll get is red too!
Too much work needs to be done before the trip, so I haven't knitted that much. Just keep up your own good work, and I'll be back with some progress eventually!


At 11:04 em, Anonymous Anonym said...

Ah.. cruising california in a convertible sounds fun!!!

and if you go to LA, Wild Fiber is a fun place to go!


At 7:17 fm, Anonymous Tina said...

Det är rätt! Man ska färdas i stil, eller inte alls.


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