fredag, augusti 04, 2006

Gosh, how do I find the time?

More than a week has passed since I wrote my last entry here. So what have I been up to? well, this week, I've been to a concert with Laleh at Skansen, danced tango outside Stockholm's stadsmuseum, started a Tenniscourse (very intense: 3 times this week since I skipped wednesday's lesson because of the concert). I also went home to my friend who wanted the gray Ferragamo-bag and borrowed her sewing machine for the inner-bag that's made out of fabric after monday's lesson. All of this I've done in one work in the evenings after work. I'm exhausted!

Since I'm still at work now, I can't post any pictures of my progress. I think I'll see my friend tomorrow, at the Stockholm Pride festival, so tonight I will try to stitch the leather beautifully to the bag so it will be finished tomorrow. After I've gone out jogging, that is.

I got the last number of Vogue Knitting yesterday. I liked it, but nothing special got to me. Right now I just want to finish everything I've got on my needles. And I'm dreaming of a litlle sewing machine and all of the wonderful things I could do if I had one...