onsdag, augusti 16, 2006

Open letter to Secret Pal 8

Dear Secret Pal!

Don't you worry about being occupied, I understand! While I'm waiting for the grand finale I've been picking up on an old hobby of mine: to be a secret detective! I'm on the hunt for you, SP8! Or should I call you PurlPirate, Ignoble Jen, Sheep-frog, Sally or maybe Wye Sue? You see, I know that ou're from UK (It took great bravery and enormous brainpower to find that out). So I've narrowed it down to these five knitters! You'd better look over your shoulder, because soon I'll figure out who you are!

/S.D.V. (Secret Detective VivaPia)

This is how far I am at my Forecast. Am I this thin? Will I solve that whith blocking and/or dieting if it turns out that I'm not?


At 9:51 fm, Anonymous Anonym said...

NYA HA HA, wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong!

Keep hunting!!!!!

At 1:08 em, Blogger VivaPia said...

Hmmm, you only said "wrong" four times. Does that mean that one of the names are right??

At 1:14 em, Anonymous Anonym said...

No, it simply means I can't count!!!

Keep Looking,

I now who my spoiler is!!!!!

At 1:14 em, Anonymous Anonym said...

(can't spell either!)


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