söndag, augusti 20, 2006

A one-year-old knitter

I have recently realised that I've been knitting for a year or so now. I've been thinking that I should sumarize this year; as a blogger, but also as a knitter! I put together everything I've knitted (and finished) during this year, and I'm amazed to see that I've been so productive!

So, what have I done?

First up, I learnt how to do garter stitches, and it resulted in a beutiful scarf for M. After that, I started on a matching sweater for him which made me learn how to rib and knit in stockinette. This was followed by a blue-brown vest, where the new thing was the I-cord that was used as a belt. I also made wristwarmers with beads that matched the vest, and a horrible sweater which was a quick knit and gave me some more knowledge of construction . All these projects belong to what I call my naïve period!

After my naïve period, I went to New York, where i started to experiment. A horrible poncho, which taught me to make goodlooking decreases and some random projects with novelty yarns. Mistakes were followed by a real good knitting: the famous Eunny Jang's argyle vest. Not only did I knit lovely argyles, but I also made steeks!

Since coming home from NY, I've become a more mature knitter. My best experience this year has been the Ferragamo bag, not only was it fun to knit, but I also enjoyed to decide how the inside of the bag, the leather top and the knitted outside should work together. I call this my first design-experience, small scale, but anyway. I knitted Knitty's Starsky and I learnt how to cable and sew pieces together and make it look good. I've also made some baby-socks where I crocheted (!) and I've knitted a second ferragamo bag for a friend. From now on, I don't knit for friends. Knowing that someone was waiting for me to finish killed all joy. I can knit and give the finished stuff to friends, but thay can't "order" anything.

Actually, I hope that someone that doesn't know how to knit should read this and understand that anyone can go from beginner to a mature knitter (my own words, I know) in only a year. And that everything shown above is made of knit and purls in different shapes and orders. Knit and purl, that's all you need to know, baby!


At 11:36 fm, Blogger Markus said...

Grattis till ettårsjubileet, och tack för våra två år tillsammans, jag kommer alltid sakna det första året! ;-)

At 11:49 fm, Blogger Mia said...

Grattis Pia! Du är en grym stickerska- att du lärt dig allt det här på ett år är ju helt fantastiskt!

At 12:05 em, Blogger Linster said...

Det är otroligt! Du har lärt dig på ett år vad jag har lärt mig på tio... Jag har iofs inte haft din brinnande entusiasm, men ändå! Du har helt djärvt och utan tvekan tagit dig an nya och stora grejor som får en rutinerad stickerska att tänka två gånger innan hon påbörjar. Bravo! Hurra! Grattis!

(Gullig kille btw)

At 8:36 fm, Anonymous Anonym said...

Måste säga att jag är enormt imponerad av dina kreationer, jag tycker att de är jättevackra (och jag kan inte fatta att allt är aviga och räta...).

Kram H

At 10:32 fm, Blogger Erika said...

Grattis på födelsedagen! När vi ses då? I morrn kanske? :-)

At 6:32 em, Anonymous Anonym said...

Happy Birthday to your knitting!!!



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