söndag, juni 11, 2006

Progress report and a forgotten gift!

It seems like I had missed one of the presents in the package from my Sp: markers that were hidden in one of the pockets! Soon I will start telling you how great she is, because I think you will try to steel her away from me! The lovely markers have already replaced the ugly, boring red and blue rings that helped me keep track on the repeats of my "summer of lace"-project:

Here is a better picture of the knitting (?), I hope it will look good all stretched out and blocked when it's finished!
So should I say thank you again? I actually feel that thank you isn't enough, I hope you understand, Sp that I'm soo greatful that you've sent me those gifts, they are so perfectly put together to suit me! So, thank you! :)

What else? Well, even though I didn't mention it yesterday, I was at mariatorget yesterday for the WWKIPD. There are some pictures of it here (I'm to the left in the right photo), here and here.

Mostly I've been knitting on the Rambling Rose. I think I'm a very slow knitter... will it never be finished?? Well, I've got some 10 cm left to the armhole shaping, if i ever get there!

Here's a close up of the pattern. I think it's really difficult to get the pattern to look good, but since I'm no perfectionist, I'm just hoping for it to get better along the way! :)


At 6:26 em, Blogger mazhalai said...

lace always stretches.. and i heard A LOT!! so dont worry about it


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