tisdag, oktober 17, 2006

2 FOs!

FO I: Fake-FilippaK-hat for M

My first FO for today is the big hat for M. It has a wide at the bottom and the rest is knit in plain garter stitch! It's perfect when your boyfriend doesn't know anything about knitting and thinks you are wonderful for being able to make a replica of a hat that he's seen in a shop.

I used Rowan's Scottish Tweed Aran in Winther navy and 4,5 mm needles. Perfect!

FO II: Forecast

So, finally, it's finished! My camera is making me crazy by not working, so when I finally got a decent picture of me in Forecast, I didn't even care about that my white brais shining through the sweater. Lesson learned: use another bra when wearing Forecast in public! Well, here she is:
It's an allover nice fit I think. Maybe it's a bit short, but since I think it fits so nicely I haven't even blocked it yet in fear that it will be ruined. If or when I will block it, maybe I will try to get it longer, but since I like this high-waist fashion I don't think there's any problem.

I really liked to knit this one, it's fast, it's simple to knit and the result still looks kind of special. Everyone who's seen it has remarked on how difficult it looks, well it's not! But you might continue to think so!

Off to new knitting adventures (Never-ending-norweigan-socks)! Ciao!


At 10:08 em, Blogger Linster said...

Viva Pia!! But we want more and better pictures. Good job!

At 1:03 fm, Anonymous Erin said...

You are making me excited to finish my Forecast--yours looks awesome! I love the color...great, great job.

At 6:55 fm, Blogger Tijm said...

No more UFO's! Nice tray! I always have UFO's on the self.
Nice blog by the way.

At 11:01 fm, Blogger Mia said...

Ser jättefint ut! Men som Linster skrev så vill man gärna se lite mera... Det syns i alla fall att tröjan sitter bra, och det är ju det viktigaste när man ska ha den på sig. Men vi sticknördar vill gärna se mera ;-)

At 11:31 fm, Blogger alice said...

Oh, your Forecast is so fab! It really looks as though it fits you well (I don't think the length looks wrong). And I love the rich colour. I so hope mine fits well, too.

At 1:00 em, Blogger VivaPia said...

Ja, jag vet att ni vill se närbilder! :) Jag lyckades faktiskt ta ett par stycken med kameran, men ljuset var så dåligt att man ändå inte ser något. Ni får snällt vänta till helgen då jag kan ta bilder mitt på dagen!


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