fredag, september 15, 2006


This week has been crazy for me! But this teaching thing is amazing! People really try to make a good impression talking to me, they knew my name at once and they actually listen to everything I have to say! Boosting! And crazy! We expect a lot from our students in this course which has led to that I've been answering emails just before going to bed, sending them additional work.

Well, I forgot to accept a dinner invitation for tonight, and when I called my friend yesterday to confirm, she'd made other plans! Well, turns out she's having a "crafting-evening" with some other friends, and since I'm sort miss crafty in our crowd, of course I got invited too! So, I will work for another hour or two and then rush of to knit on Forecast!


At 9:30 fm, Blogger Whirly Sue said...

How is that hat coming along?




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