lördag, september 30, 2006

FO: Beret

Yes, I've been so occupied the last week that I've neither knitted nor blogged. I finished this beret two weeks ago when I was home sick. I really like it because of it's authenticy, all the berets in the stores look so plastic compared to mine.
Pattern: My own.
Size: For bigheaded
Yarn: Garnstudio's Alpaca
Start date: September 16 2006
Finish date: September 19 2006

(Let me out of here!!!)


At 11:00 em, Blogger dada said...

wow! are you impressed? i am impressed! du kommer ihåg att jag fyller år snart va? ;)

At 12:06 em, Blogger Annelie said...

Den är jättefin! Det hade inte alls gjort ont att få mönstret till denna lilla raringen... ;)

At 8:16 em, Anonymous Erin said...

Your hat is adorable. Love the color and the top pattern is so fun. Great job!

At 11:34 fm, Blogger Whirly Sue said...


At 9:31 em, Blogger Javajem said...

Great hat - I love the pattern!

(your SP9 hostess)

At 9:43 fm, Blogger katarinaw said...



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