torsdag, augusti 31, 2006

The mind of a geniuos, how does it work?

I got the perfect idea today! You remember that I'd knitted wrong (because of faulty instructions, I'd say) on the sleeves for my most ongoing projet, right? Well, I haven't been very anxious to knit because I've known what's been waiting for me since I'm "frogging" by undoing one stitch at the time. Maybe you all have found smart ways to do this faster, but I haven't. That is, until today.

This is what I did. First, I "sewed" with the needle at the row that would be the first NOT to knit:

After that, I pulled out the needle I was working with originally! Oh my gosh!! Would this even work?

After that, I started to pull out the yarn. Gulp!

And look how nice it all turned out! In just a couple of strokes, the 7 rows had been frogged and I could happliy continue with my knitting!

I believe that this is very, very smart! So, maybe you think that this is an old trick that actually every decent knitter knows about. Well, don't tell me! I'm very proud of my solution and prefer to think that I'm a genious!


At 3:44 em, Blogger Whirly Sue said...

OK I wont!

Suffice it to say i am recovering from my cold and creation has resumed, I will let you know when I post you final SP parcel,


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