söndag, september 03, 2006

Sunday update

I'm getting there, folks. With serious threading (multi-tasking when speaking of parallel computers -and a bit homourus when knitting) I've managed to finish the sleeves, knit 3 roses, sewn 2 buttons...

I think it looks quite good, don't you?

Well, ok, ok. I know. I still have to join the sleeves, get rid of the loose ends, sew ALL buttons and actually attach the knitted roses. The most important thing is that I will finish this before friday! Yiha!


At 10:47 em, Blogger Linster said...

Inte bara jag som stickar fort märker jag! Ser jättefint ut. Men vi vill se den på också!

At 11:04 fm, Blogger katarinaw said...

Looks very pretty!


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