söndag, september 10, 2006

FO: Skirt!

My first sewn project in... 15 years?

I've completed the pencil skirt, and let me tell you, the green and purple striped pattern will match my Forecast perfectly!

I love the high waist. I know that a lot of people think they look more fat in it. I prefer to show that I have a little belly over having the skirt/pant waist just over the hip - the place where I have my little "extra" and get a bulk. I'm starting to sound like Eunny now. This is not a fashion blog. Though when we're at it, have you noticed that the two largest groups of female bloggers are knitting/crafting blogs, and fashion blogs. Generally, I don't like fashion blogs, because I think they only talk about expensive designerbags and only try to follow the fashion that's out in the stores. But I've found a girl who really explores the world of fashion. She also happens to like high waists! Check out the pictures on her blog, even if you don't know Swedish!

And a last picture of my skirt. Did you know that I only payed about 250 SEK ($ 30) for the fabric and everything? And I started to sew it yesterday evening, so this sewing thing is really fast! And you also can save money on sewing your own clothes!


At 7:46 em, Blogger Linster said...

Gaaah! It's FABUOLOUS! You look so hot in that skirt! Very very nice!

At 10:30 em, Blogger Whirly Sue said...

Highly DivA-ish!
Not at all 'lecturer' style!!!!

At 12:02 fm, Anonymous Erin said...

Sexy skirt! Love the print and the style.

At 10:36 fm, Blogger katarinaw said...

I agree about the hight waist. Very nice skirt, you look fab!

At 7:11 em, Blogger Whirly Sue said...

Look what's in the new Knitty!!!!

At 5:08 em, Blogger Stickbloggen said...

WoW! Great job! And nice Shoes:=)

At 9:17 em, Anonymous ToveB said...

The perfect! Mönstret kommer ifrån?

At 4:07 em, Blogger JulieFrick said...

Oooh! Now, when do we get to see the skirt and Forecast, together at last?


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