måndag, oktober 30, 2006

Oh no!

There have been questions about me posting some close-ups of my Forecast. This last sunday, which was a really beautiful, sunny sunday, I tried to take some nice pictures. It didn't work. First, I took this with flash:

All you can see is that I've actually used two different yarns, one more pinkish wine red and one more darkish wine red. Well that's not all, you can also see the buttons and slightly distinguish the lower ribbed pattern and the bubble-pattern. All I can say is , not good enough for you readers, I know that. So I tried to take a photo without using the flash. Equally bad idea:

At least you can see that the fabric is not as flat as it looks like in the top picture, but still: not good enough for you blog readers. Honestly, I don't know what to do, get a new camera? Any ideas besides that?

I haven't felt that knitting inspiration lately, but someone out there (you know who you are, unfortunately, I've forgotten) directed me to this site. Lovely patterns, and since I have some left over wool (from the before mentioned Forecast and old Starsky), perfect for mittens I tried one of the patterns:

It looked quite good until I measured it to one of my Lovikka mittens (can you see the yellowish parts witnessing of that I've been carrying too many coffee cups that have spilled over during the years?). Ok, so I'd knittes the soon-to-be mitten to small. It's now doublled up (and more) and knitted in the round, we'll see what it turns out to be.