söndag, november 19, 2006

Loose that flat screen, support your local cinema!

Stockholm International Film Festival started this wedenesday, so I saw one movie ("Candy") friday afternoon, and two yesterday ("Sherrybaby" and "Oh là là!"). I love to visit the old cinemas in Stockholm, and I'm so disappointed that Stockholm's oldest cinema, Röda Kvarn, has closed down and will open up as a small shopping mall. What a disgrace!

Today I've been on a two hour walk in the sun, but now, I've found the time and peace to sit down and knit again. As you see, I haven't gotten far on tha Kata shrug, but it's almost 200 sts every row, and the pattern changed a lot in the beginning. I'm knitting the shrug in a single strand instead of two, as the shrug in the picture is knitted with.

The yarn is lovely to knit with, soft mohair that came in small boundles that are super cute! For once I'm satisfied with the pictures, the colour's as accurate as you can get; a gray-greenish smooth colour that matches the feeling of the yarn. I have to say that I'm always so greatful when I get packages that have been packed with care and love (sorry that Iwasn't patient enough to get a picture of it). Yahaira at PureKnits had packed my stuff beautifully! Thank you, Yahaira! Now, one more look at the beautiful yarn:


At 8:54 em, Anonymous yahaira said...

you are so welcomed!!

can't wait to see how the shrug turns out

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