onsdag, mars 22, 2006

Blocking deep-V

Yesterday I met Linster and we went to Ginos as planned to knit with other Stockholm knitters. It was very nice and I'll definitely do it again soon!

I finished all the knitting on deep-V at Ginos and went home to soak it in a bath. My first blocking and I think it went alright. I'm using a notice board in cork as blocking board. Since Eunny recommended a surface that wont soak any water, I just cut a plastic bag and put over the notice board. Before I started to pin the deep-V I took a fitted t-shirt and painted the contours of it on the plastic bag. These lines were supposed to work as a guideline for me of how much I should try and stretch the vest. On the picture you can see that I didn't manage to go all the way, but I sure got a nice curve on the vest, right? So now I'm just waiting for it to get dry. How long can that take??

It feels a little bit empty when the deep-V is almost done, but fear not! I took the brightly colored wool I bought at Habu and started to knit a cover for my laptop. I didn't do a felted swatch, but a woman at Habu had felted the yarn and said that it shrinked 10 %, so I hope that it will do that for me too. This is how happy it looks right now. I will have some pink lines too, but the main colors are orange and turquise. Love, love, love the clumsiness and harshness of this project compared to the deep-V that was very stylish.


At 10:00 fm, Blogger Linster said...

Bra jobbat! Jag är ledsen att jag kastade mig iväg sådär och lämnade dig kvar, men du såg ut att ha det ganska bra ändå... jag hann med tåget iaf, även om språngmarschen till Odenplan gav mig blodsmak i munnen. Det man inte har i huvet får man ha i benen osv. Tips för monteringen är att nåla plagget efter de mått som det står i mönstret att det ska ha. Och nåla nederkanten också. Ja, jag blir lite sugen på att bli klar, särskilt när vartannat varv på sjalen tar en timme eftersom jag måste komma på vad jag gjorde för fel varvet innan...

At 2:21 em, Blogger Emily said...

Your vest looks fabulous! You did get a great curve. Can't wait to see it on.

The last time I blocked wool like this it took about 48 hours total to dry, but this vest is so thick it may take a little longer than that!

At 8:01 fm, Anonymous Tina said...

Spännande! Ser jättefin ut, tycker du att den "jämnade ut" sig när du blötlade den? Hoppas du uppdaterar snart med hur den passar :)


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