fredag, mars 10, 2006

Happy Birthday!

So, let's start of with a teaser of M's sweater. It's not a master piece, but it will surely dress a master piece soon! The man himself is probably on his flight to London now, and tomorrow afternoon he will be here with me!!

I've had a quite lousy birthday because I woke up with a fever, stayed home and slept almost all day, so I haven't even knitted! But, since my work here ends tomorrow, I'm quite happy anyway.

Here's a picture of my Argyle vest. Can you see that there's a monster at the
top with red eyes and a mouth? That's for the steeks and will be cut up to make the deep V-neck. This vest is very fun to knit, I love the pattern and repeating it in my head; green white, green white, 3 green, white green, white green, 3 white...

Have you seen that Eunny has posted an introduction to lace knitting on her webpage. I wonder what she's doing for living. She seems to knit and study knitting all the time!She's so creative and productive!