söndag, mars 19, 2006

The bag is back!

The deep-V was returned intact, in it's bag and I'm sooo relieved! I have made some progress on it as well, finished the knitting and cut the steeks!! It actually went quite well, I just want to finish the ribbings and do the blocking now!! Weeeiii!!
For some reason I can't upload any photos, but I'll give another try tomorrow.

I've also been to some thrift stores to find cheap bags with beatiful handles. So far I haven't found any, but as soon as I do, I'll start to make that fabolous Ferragamo-bag.
Has anyone missed the fabulous jacket
Eunny is working on? I think it can be a nice project. She is just... amazing! I love everything she does!

Tomorrow monday, I have to face the old, cold reality I left earlier this year. I'm gona embrace it with energy! Get a membership at the gym, and on tuesday I hope I'll be brave enough to go to Gino's where Sthlm knitters knit together (I'm not really sure if I'm ready to out myself as a knitter yet) and on wedenesday I want to dance some tango! Well, stay tuned to find out if I succeed to live such an energetic life! :D


At 12:09 fm, Blogger dada said...

börja träna på worldclass!

At 9:51 fm, Blogger Linster said...

Vi kan gå dit tillsammans, om du vill? Jag har också velat men varit lite för liten och ensam för att våga...


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