torsdag, mars 09, 2006

Phew! I'm knitting like crazy when I'm not trying to sleep, are chasing mice or working, but I still doesn't have any pictures to show.

M's sweater is almost all done. I thought I will sew the arms to the body when I have M here to avoid puffy shoulders. So you will soon get to see the sweater, but then it will be perfectly fitted to, and on my loved M.

Before I go to sleep I will start with the steek-thing on my Argyle. The vest-along has got a lot of new members, check it out!

It has been a great day today, first a 2 hour+ lunch at The Delegates Dining Room (thank you, supervisor!) and then dinner at the Mozart Café -with my best friend's brother's old girlfriend! We met in 1998 (when they still were a couple) and it was fun to meet someone so strangely known and unknown at the same time!

Tomorrow is my birthday, so please leave a message so I don't feel so lonely!


At 7:37 fm, Blogger Mia said...

Grattis på födelsedagen, Pia!

At 6:07 em, Blogger dada said...

Herzligen glückwunschen zum Geburtztag!


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