måndag, mars 06, 2006

We're getting closer

4 days are left until my sweetheart M comes to save me from this emotional violence*! Finalement! I miss him sooo much! I haven't finished the sweater I'm making for him yet. The elastic collar is made with a 3mm circular needle, and it hurts to knit with that. When the collar is done, I only have to add the sleeves, so I will still have it ready by the time he comes!

Can you imagine, it was because I wanted to see M in this very sweter that I started to knit last summer! It has taken me half a year to finish it (!), but during that time, I've also made a couple of other things, and since I came to NY I think I've learnt a lot of new things about knitting!

*Depeche Mode: Leave in Silence