måndag, mars 06, 2006

School Products and Habu

Yesterday I continued my yarn shop odyssée. First, I went to School Products. They have a lot of cheap, quality yarn (this sound like a commercial) that can be bought in larger quantities. You get a feeling of being back in school (hence the name?), everything is arranged very neatly, and it's really nice considered how much yarn they have. At the same time, a big yarn store simply can't get the nice feeling of a smaller yarn shop. Which leads me too... Habu Textiles, a very special yarn store. A picture tells more than a thousand words:

These yarns were on sale, and the other yarns were in an other room, were they had one sample of every yarn. It was very calm, peaceful and they have only yarns made of natural fibers. This store you almost have to visit!

I had to buy some yarn at Habu, some wool in bright colors that were on sale. I plan to use it for the felted cover for my laptop. I love the combination of orange and turquise.

To the right in the left picture you can see a silk-cotton blend that I bought for my up coming lace-shawl project!

Don't forget to keep updated on my progress on the amazing
Deep V Argyle vest.