torsdag, mars 23, 2006

Plastic seats are back!

Yesterday, M and I went to Alvik for a little tango dancing with Tango Norte! I love dancing with him even if he gets grumpy when he gets hungry. Wednesday nights offers an introduction for beginners, so on sunday there's an introduction at intermediate level, so maybe that will be even more fun!

I have got a test pattern from Kate at KnitLit for the Ferragamo bag. I'm a little ashamed that I haven't made any efforts of solving the pattern-riddle, so the least I can do is test-knit the pattern and give some feedback to it. I'll go to Marias garn (a yarn store that opened in Stockholm whileI was in New York) tonight and see if I can find some good yarn for the bag. Hopefully there is some yellow, beautiful yarn suitable for bags!

What do you think about my skirt on the photo? Colorful, right? And please note the charming red chair that are made of some plastic, rubbery-like material that is a 70's excuse for leather (galon in swedish).


At 4:13 em, Anonymous toveb said...

Tango! I love to tango. And of course I have found myself a bf who loves to dance...not. :-/

Nice meeting you Tuesday! :-)


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