tisdag, augusti 22, 2006

Character building

I just have to show you the last project I started. I know that I've said that I wouldn't start any new projects before some stuff are finished. I'm very ashamed of this, and that's the reason why I didn't show this to you after starting to knit this weekend. Anyway, it's supposed to be Shedir from Knitty and I'm using Drops alpaca, mmmm.

That's all I wanted to share. But can you understand how hard it will be for me to stick to that sweater-you- know-which, that I have to finish??


At 9:44 em, Blogger Annelie said...

Det ska bli riktigt kul att se hur Shedir tar sig ut i alpackagarn!

At 5:16 em, Blogger Fi said...

Ahhhh... det underbara, underbara garnet :)

At 4:06 em, Blogger Whirly Sue said...

OK, hands up, you got me!!!!!!

Is there anything specil from the U you would like to find in your SP package?????



At 4:07 em, Blogger Whirly Sue said...

Sorry about my typing, have just finished working nights!!!!!



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