tisdag, augusti 22, 2006

Project Plan - Rambling Rose

OK, this is the deal: my sister recently turned 30 and will have a big party on September 8th. I have promised her one of my knitted things. I will not mention which in case she’s reading this blog. I’m partly responsible for a course in project management at my uni, so I thought that I would make a very short project plan for this sweater.

First, I have to specify what my goal is, well it’s basically to finish the sweater on time!
What is my timeframe? Two andahalfweeks.
How can the project be broken down in smaller parts? And do I have to do things in a special order?

Sewing the steeks is depending on me getting in contact with a sewing machine. This leads to that I will start with the body, leave the steeks until I visit my parents next time (next weekend would be suitable) and meanwhile continue with the sleeves and adornments.

This week I will:
  • Finish left front
  • Join fronts and back
  • Make adornments
Next week I will:
  • Knit 2 sleeves
  • Join sleeves
  • Buy buttons
  • Sew steeks (in the weekend)
Third and final week I will:
  • Cut steeks
  • Knit buttonbands
  • Sew buttons
  • Add adornments
  • Friday: give finished knit to happy sister!
Do you think I will make it? I’ll post a picture Sunday evening and let you know about the progress I’ve made!


At 9:57 fm, Blogger Linster said...

Sounds like a plan! A quite optimistic plan, but still... Totally manageable. I knitted one sleeve in only a day this week-end, and I did other things too during that time. Totally cool.


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