lördag, april 15, 2006

Ferragamo bag turns Easter-bag!

The leather-store wasn't open today, but I found a very nice store at Drottninggatan were I bought some yellow fabric! They have dark wooden display cases (according to the dictionary, vitrinskåp in swedish) were they kept the lace-fabrics. Very authentic.

Anyway, I bought some fabric, a zipper and sewing thread in matching, easter yellow.

So tomorrow I will delight my parents with a visit and use my mum's sewing machine! I hope everything will go alright. I actually bought something to strengthen the fabric with in the bottom, but that doesn't show in the photo. And the zipper isn't meant for the actual bag, but for a small pocket inside the bag.

Annelie at Konststycket asked about the pattern for this bag. The truth is that there is no pattern for it, yet. There is a knit along for the bag, which only has been a "try to figure out the pattern"-along so far. Kate at knit lit sent out a beta-pattern for some of us to test. I tested and then I thought it was good enough. I wanted the bag and I wanted it as soon as possible, so I just went with the beta pattern. I think the final pattern will be out soon, so anyone who wants the best, most authentic Salvatore Ferragamo bag he/she can make should just wait. If you're as sluggish as I am, try to get hold of the beta pattern, or just ask me and start knitting pronto!


At 2:33 em, Blogger katarinaw said...

Väskan ser ut att bli supersnygg!

At 4:22 em, Blogger VivaPia said...

Tack! jag hoppas att den kan bli lika fin som jag fantiserar om att den ska bli!

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