onsdag, april 05, 2006

First work, then rest!

I presented my master thesis yesterday, but not without any trouble. For some reason I lost my brain for a moment in the morning while I erased my ppt-presentation. How can someone do that? How could I do that? It's just plain stupid! Anyway, I managed to put something half-decent together before it was my time to speak, and I guess it went alright. Not very good, but alright. I also went to "boxersice" with my friend R in the evening, and since R is a he, it was even more exhausting than if he would have been a she! My whole back is hurting today!!

Altogether, I figuered that I deserved a day off today. I'll start my new work on monday (PhD-studies) so maybe I need to go shopping and shape up my work-wardrobe? And ofcourse, I will sit down in a chair and just knit! I've finished one piece of the Ferragamo Bag. It's yellow, yellow, yellow and quite beautiful! I've sort of tired of the pattern, and that's strange! I'm more tired of this than I get on normal stockinette stitch. Very strange. I will get a picture here later today! Yaaawn! I think I will start with the knitting now! Have a nice day!