fredag, april 14, 2006

Glad Påsk!

To celebrate that Eastern is here, I have finished the knitting on my Ferragamo bag. Here are the back and the front piece next to each other, so you will see that there actually are two of them.

And here is a picture of the two pieces sewn together.

So, only the non-knitting stuff left to do. I haven't bought anything for that yet, so I will continue to work on the bag as soon as I've been to town. I know the bag doesn't look very impressive but I think it could be really beautiful with some fabric inside and some leather on the outside.

Next up is a picture of my Norweigan stocking that has been growing! I feel slightly out of season knitting on these now, but I really like the yarn so I don't mind.

I can't be knitting socks all summer, so I've been thinking more and more about the Starsky-pattern. Nina at Nysta recommended using Drops Alpaca with double yarn or Paris, but I'm not thrilled of any of the suggestions. Mia had tried Alaska, but not with a very good result, so the hunt of the perfect yarn will continue as well!


At 1:46 em, Blogger Annelie said...

Gillar verkligen din Ferragamo. Blir lite sugen på en själv. Du får gärna berätta var du hittade mönstret.


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