torsdag, mars 30, 2006

A beautiful knitting bag, and a FO!

Today I'll show you the bag I'm using for my sewing-needles, holders, small needles and everything that is reasonably small and you might need when you're knitting. I know that most knitters have beutiful bags for their needles, but this is not as modern or advanced. It's just a bag I've made myself when I was in kindergarden and I found it when I was moving last year.

The bag has a different motive on the two sides, one shows a house, tree, sun and a flower and the other one shows a sun, flower and a blond girl. The girl has quite chubby arms, that should NOT be mistaken for brests!

I like to be able to see that even if I was quite good at working with my hands as a child, I'm still much better today, so maybe I'll be able to make even more progress in the future. What do you think?To convince you, I'll show an other picture of something I just finished...

...the Moebius I started... a long time ago. Sometime last autumn. Once again I've let my chair be the model for my wonders of knit.

I started to knit this since I was so fascinated about the math connection of it. I found a lovely colored yarn (from Ullcentrum) I think the color combination is called jeans or something. Atleast, I remember that the reason why I chose it was because i thought it would look very nice with jeans. And now, now I'm planning on giving it to my mum (isn't mother's day coming up soon?), who never, ever wears jeans. Though I'm sure it will look good even to black!


At 3:00 em, Blogger Yara said...


You must be very talented to have done that bag as a child, very good. Right now I'm teaching myself how to knit. It's definetely not as easy as I thought. Right know I'm doing a scarf, of course.
see you around.

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