lördag, april 01, 2006

I got a package today!

A package filled with yarn! A couple of weeks ago, I ordered two books from Amazon, Socks Socks Socks and Folk Socks, but then yesterday, I remembered that I actually don't have any sock yarn! I have looked and felt at yarn from Svarta Fåret, Garnstudio and some others. But, either the yarn didn't feel quite right or they didn't have the right colors. So what did I do? I took a chance! I ordered Dale yarn from Carinas Garn och Broderi in some random colors! Carina herself was so sweet that she sent me a sheet she made herself with the colors I didn'n order! Isn't that sweet?? I've felt obsessed with socks for a while now, but all I can do now is wait for the books to get here (Amazon says I'll have to wait one more week, arrgh!) and then I'll start producing socks!


At 12:55 fm, Blogger dada said...

Åhh, sticka ett par till mig! Jag använder sockor året runt! Please, pretty please!

At 12:56 fm, Blogger dada said...

Hmm... det enda jag gör är att tjata på dig att göra saker åt mig... ohh, well.. snällaste?

At 9:34 fm, Anonymous Tina said...

Kul! Hoppas sockböckerna är bra, och att Dale fungerar bra till sockor. Jag gillar Dales garn, synd att det är så svårt att få tag på i Sverige (jag vill ju helst alltid pilla på garn innan jag beställer...)


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