onsdag, april 05, 2006

Ferragamo is taking shape

It is yellow. For you who haven't noticed yet, the fashion color of spring 2006 (and hopefully summer too, I will want to use this for a looong time) is yellow. How practical!
It's lying on a cow-skin and I'm planning to add some leather details in the same brown color. I've been to Gamla Stans Läderhandel and seen what they can offer me, but I haven't made any decisions yet. It looks quite big, but I like big bags, it makes me feel like the Moomin mother. Which is a good feeling.

According to Amazon, my sock-books might show up tomorrow!! I can't wait!!!


At 10:08 em, Blogger dada said...

Vilket fint mönster! Förresten.. stora väskor är ju tydligen i ropet nu i vår, så du är en riktig modepingla.


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