måndag, april 17, 2006

Just to make sure...

that you get it right: the pictures are taken of the bag turned inside-out. ok?


At 4:07 fm, Blogger jimjimblund said...

me im a darned tangoknitter i writing and you re on your merry way horray hoorayyy HOOORAAAAYYY for everything and lets eat food colored like the newsnight at ten and there they tell of 27 yo teacher-female-who had xxx with one of her 'boys' 46 times in 5 days.MAN i remember that period but this dude...poor thing....heeehheee.

so tal du swensk så köss mäj och bli min såb är det sagt inte ett ord vettigtäpuss MEN DET ÄR KUL ATT SkIcKa MyRoR i BloGGeRIsternAS Fickludd i kladdnalen-är ditt blått??
intresseklubben antecknar:

"People DID know earth was not flat before Columbus

Some believe that Christopher Columbus had a hard time receiving support because Europeans believed in a flat Earth. In fact, sailors and navigators of the time knew that the Earth was spherical, but (correctly) disagreed with Columbus's estimates of the distance to the Indies. If the Americas did not exist, and Columbus had continued to the Indies (even putting aside the threat of mutiny he was under) he would not have survived long enough to reach them. "


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