måndag, april 17, 2006

My personal sunshine

Phew! This sewing thing is soo... energy consuming. It took me the whole day to do all the sewing for this bag. Ofcourse, I had easter dinner, played with my nephew and gossiped with my sister as well, but still.

The inside of the bag is now covered with a yellow bag. Everything is so yellow that I can't help but feeling happy when I look at it. Tomorrow i hope I will have time to get the leather for the top, and then, finally, I'll be able to use this magnificent bag! Well, my yarn ran out so I haven't made the curlicues either, but they are coming!

The piece I had knitted turned out to be too long, so I decided to fold down one of the boards. On the inside I also sewed a small pocket with a zipper.

The bag itself wont have a zipper so I figured that at least my money, lipstick and other important stuff could be secured with a zipper.


At 6:53 em, Blogger Mia said...

Din väska kommer att bli så fräck! Jag är mkt impad. Har letat bland dina inlägg efter var du hittat mönstret...?

At 6:56 em, Blogger VivaPia said...

Det är ett beta-mönster som jag har fått skickat till mig, men jag tror att det slutgiltiga snart läggs ut på

At 7:37 em, Blogger dada said...

Jag är grymt imponerad! När kan man börja beställa väskor hos dig?


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