måndag, april 24, 2006

Two first-ones

This is what I've been up to the last week.

Starsky! I bought the yarn that Maria at Marias garn recommended; one strand of wool and a thicker strand of alpaca. It is the first time I'm knitting cables, but so far I think it looks good.

It is important to knit thoroughly, and that's why I made a swatch for this project. This is a first timer as well. My swatch was a bit larger than it should have been, but according to my measurments I should be a size between M and L. And guess what? If the same proportion that was between my gauge and the recommended gauge remains when I start to knit the pattern, I will end up with a cardigan perfect for me! I think it looks a bit too small actually, but I'll knit some repeats of the pattern and then I'll make an assessment of the size.

I've noticed that Kate at Knitlit has posted the beta-pattern to the ferragamo bag now. She has also posted a picture of her version of the bag, and I have to admit that it looks a lot better than my bag. But still, my version, it's like... me! A bit too big, a bit too bright, too much, but still quite adorable! :)

My dad will hopefullt stop by with some tools I need to finish the bag (for the leather-work) so hopefully, we'll see the finished bag real soon!


At 8:40 fm, Blogger Annelie said...

Jag tycker också mycket om din bag och färgen är hur go´som helst. Även om jag beundrar "perfekt" stickade saker tycker jag att "personligheten" är minst lika viktig. Väldigt charmigt till och med. Om allt skulle se precis likadant ut hade det också blivit ganska tråkigt. Ser verkligen fram emot att få se din skapelse helt färdig.

At 8:54 fm, Blogger VivaPia said...

Ooh! Vilka värmande ord! Tack så mycket! I helgen kommer härligheten förhoppningsvis att färdigställas.

At 1:38 em, Blogger Cina said...

Åååhhhh!!! Nu blev jag ju ännu mer sugen på Starsky..... Vad är det för garn du köpt hos Maria? *nyfikon*

PS. Väskan blev kanonsnygg!! :)


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