söndag, maj 14, 2006

Finished objects: Baby socks

I love tulips. My birthday is in March, so every year I get tulips from my mum. These are from my mum's garden and I figured I had to take a picture of them before they would get to old. I didn't get then for ny birthday, ofcourse, they are from last thursday when I went to my parents for dinner in the middle of week. :D I love the diversity of this boquet, pink, red, yellow a purple that doesn't show and some orange-yellow.

So, I have found out whose SP8 I am. I don't know how much I can say without him/her finding out that I'm the SP8, BUT I have to open my hart just a bit and maybe get some advice. The person has only three posts on his/hers blog including the SP8-questions! This means that I have very little to base my gifts on. I don't know what kind of person this is at all. Help!

Speaking of gifts, both of the baby socks are finished now:

First a pic
ture of the small socks with the top unfolded, as they are supposed to be:

And then the socks with the top folded down, which I think looks much better!

Pattern: Garnstudio's Drops' "Rätstickad toffla", found in swedish here.
Size: 6-9 months
Yarn: Frog Tree's, Alpaca wool sport weight, colour #000 (white), maybe 2 oz or 60 g. And Garnstudio's Alpaca colour 7139. Knitted with two threads.
Needles: crochet needle 2,75mm and
Modifications: Since I can't read crochet-instructions I just made the crochet parts according to what I remember from school .
Start date: May 8 2006
Finish date: May 14 2006


At 10:10 fm, Blogger Linster said...

Jättesöta! Jag håller på med en kofta i alpaca och mönster från Garnstudio. Kanske borde komplettera med matchande sockor... Verkligen urgulliga!


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