måndag, maj 08, 2006

Lat det swinge, lat de rock'n roll....

A guy at my department (who I am very fond of) are supposed to have his first baby by the middle of May. I think it's nice to give people gifts when you're not expected to do so and this is why I thought I could knit these baby socks* to the little one! I have some alpaca lying around, these seem very easy to knit, so why not? Sometimes I get a feeling of that when you're giving someone a present, it's almost like asking for a present in return when it's your birthday or whatever the occasion is. This is why I like this idea even more, because i'm not planning to have any kids in the near future and hence, I can not expect to get. Can't wait to get home and start to work on them!

*OK, very far fetched, but the title of this entry is because of the Norweigan duo "Bobbysocks" who had a hit (?) where they sang "lat de swinge..."