lördag, maj 06, 2006

Starsky on the go

The largest piece, the back is done. So... two fronts, two sleeves and one neck/front-line left! The pattern is seen from the reverse :) just not to bore you with it until the Starsky is ready.
I think it's quite hard to keep track on where to start in the pattern after the shaping for the sleeves. And it gets even harder with the neckline. Lucky me, there are not much of it.

I want to thank all of you who left such nice comments on my Ferragamo bag. I know that I made it in a colour that maybe isn't everone's favourite, but at least some of you appreciated the coolness in it!! And Olga, your guess that I live in Norway is qite close, but I live in Sweden!

Maybe you've also understood that I'll be one lucky person's secret pal this summer! I hope I can come up with something nice for the person and, ofcourse, that someone will send me maybe... a nice card? I don't ask for much. (who am I kidding?) I haven't seen a button for Secret Pal 8, but maybe someone will make one soon.


At 9:00 em, Blogger Linster said...

Bra jobbat!! Shit pommfritt. Du är en riktig fullbloddstickerska nu, inget snack.


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