lördag, april 29, 2006

I'm getting there, folks!

This is the idea of how my bag will look like. Before I cut the leather I made a paper-model, but it looks quite nice even with the paper I think, maybe even more stylish? I had made one curlicue and then one of my friends called and wanted my attention.

Fortunately, the curlicues don't need much attention to knit, so when I got home again I had made all 7 of them. Perfect! ( have you noticed how I use my floor when I take pictures of the Ferragamo? It's because I think the yellow looks gorgeus against that warm, brown color.)

Anyway, the leather is cut, the two pieces are sewn together, and the handles are cut and have holes in them for the... rivets (according to all-knowing M). The friend calls for my attention again though. Her sister is playing at Nalen tonight, so It will probably be fun. I leave you with this picture and promise to show you the finished bag tomorrow and the details that are taking so long time!


At 8:57 em, Blogger dada said...

Och jag som ska till Nalen imorgonkväll... Förresten, still shopping tomorrow?

At 9:50 fm, Anonymous Tina said...

Ser jättefint ut! Ska verkligen bli kul att se den helt klar! Den blir ju perfekt nu när våren äntligen börjar komma.


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