fredag, maj 12, 2006

Problems of a busy knitter

The new number of Interweave Knits laid on my doorstep when I came home this wednesday. I'd been to an end-of-the-semester-dinner for some younger students and went to sleep before even eyeing through it. Then yesterday after work, I went to my parents for dinner and on the train to get there, I finally got some time to check out the patterns. I actually like the top on the front cover the best and I'm thinking of knitting it. Ofcourse, i have to look through all patterns again, and maybe I'll find something more interesting then. :)

I've had so little knitting time lately so I wonder how I even will be able to finish the second baby sock! And with Starsky going on and me dreaming of Rowan's Rambling Rose, I don't know what to do!

Has anyone else ever had this same feeling: so many projects waiting to be done and so little time??

Some of the participants of Secret Pal 8 have already started to send cards and emails to their SPs and I don't even know who my Secret pal is yet. I'll try to have patience, but I'm just eager to start this!!


At 10:08 em, Anonymous Erin said...

I know how it goes. There are so many projects I want to do and I just don't have the time to do them all. I am here to tell you though that Rambling Rose is good fun. I am starting the rose work this weekend...SO excited.

At 6:10 em, Anonymous Anonym said...

I'm here and ready to begin spoiling!


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