onsdag, maj 31, 2006

I'm a business woman!

So, my bag has gained so much fame and fortune that a friend of mine wanted me to make one to her. She doesn't like larger bags (less for me to knit) and wanted it in pure gray. Not blue-grayish, not green-grayish, but pastel-black, you know, black and white together. This is what I got for her:

While I was at marias garn (do I shop anywhere else?) I also got some Alpaca yarn from Garnstudio. I've felt some ache in my joints recently, so I thought that I would make something to warm my wrists.

Back to my friend. She really is amazing. She has her own business where she sells things like this:

I wanted this pinkish necklace, earrings and hairpin which I got as "payment" for the bag to knit. I also got these white-brown hairpins, which I love:

My pictures don't do them any justice at all, so please check out her webpage: Lavish Design!

Please don't tell her that I got the better part of the deal! I tried to pay her, but she thought this would make us even! :)


At 9:33 em, Blogger Annelie said...

För mig ser det här ut som en vinn - vinn situation. Jag blir avis på er båda!

At 10:22 em, Anonymous Anonym said...

See you.


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