söndag, maj 28, 2006

Prisoner guard away!

M, who has been guarding me this weekend (and also helped me with my studies) has went home to his parents for Mother's day so I'll use this study break for some blogging! Ok, first up, secret pal, I'm studying for two boring-to-death courses that I should have taken several years ago: electronics (analogue and physics for semiconductors) and theory of signals. The first course is sort of ok, and the exam is on thursday, but the other one (which is on saturday) has been killing me! Fortunately, M wrote his master thesis within signals, so he's being so sweet and is helping me. I have to take these courses, otherwise I'll never get my master of electrical engineering, and I have to get that one to be hired as an PhD student. Right now, I've an employment on a project basis, and the project being my PhD. It's ok, better than being a student, but not as good as being a PhD student (my professor says I need a carrot to finish my degree, and probably it's true). Maybe I should say that the subject I'm doing my PhD in has nothing to do with analoguos electronics or signals, which makes me even less ncouraged to learn about it. Enough about school and work!

I've been knitting some actually. The Starsky itself is ready since yesterday, and I've been wearing it while studying :) You will get to see it as soon as the belt is finished too:

Right now, I'm using the Rambling Rose and my laptop-cover to ease the presure on my brain while studying. The laptop cover has been lying in the knitting-basket for ages, but I haven't sewn it together. I'll try to do this today, but it won't be finished because I'm planning to get some buttons to it.

The RR is getting taller, slowely but steadily. I've reached the first button hole, but that's it. 2 cm out of 15 cm of pure ribbing! But very easy to knit, p1, k1, p1, k1... well you all know how to rib! ;)

And while I had my camera ready, I got some pictures of M's new toy: an old veteran-TV that origianlly was bought for the world olympics in football 1958. It works, but only for a while, and only for one channel. Well, I think it's more beautiful than the big tv screens that you young people buy today!

Back to my books now so that I'll have lots of questions ready when M gets back home! Ciao!