onsdag, maj 17, 2006

New idols and adventures!

When I was younger, my cousin was my idol (my elder sister claims that she was my idol, but that’s just in her dreams ;) ). My cousin had a room that was decorated in pink; she always had pink clothes, was good at drawing and always seemed to have her room cleaned (something I am very much in awe for). Idols change as you grow up, and nowadays I don’t want to copy the exact behaviour of my idols, only let them inspire me to be me.

Eunny has been a source of inspiration, but sometimes I get a notion of that I will never be as knowledgeable about the whole area of knitting as Eunny is. Someone who I “found” recently and whose knitting actually inspires me more in my every day knitting is the Girl who knits. She is mortal, just like me (and unlike Eunny) but everything she has been knitting is just beautiful! She has started on Rambling Rose from Rowan, and she is knitting Forecast from Knitty which is beautiful. I’m thinking of making it for myself when time’s right and the summer’s over.

Right now, the girl who knits has got me hooked on the Amazing Lace It’s sort of a lace KAL during the summer, but with challenges along the way. The first challenge is called “Meet the team” where all teams should present themselves. The team is me, the chosen pattern (which will be a secret until I present us properly), yarn and needles; heck, everything that together will form the lovely lace. I think it will be a fun adventure for us all, and I hope that the readers of this blog also will appreciate to read about how we tackle our challenges!


At 9:47 fm, Blogger Linster said...

Seriöst: hur spännande är inte SP8? Det är hur bra som helst. Går det bra för dig?

At 1:18 em, Blogger VivaPia said...

Jo, jag har fått lite hemliga hälsningar och skickar själv små kryptiska meddelanden. Det går bra och jag har en massa bra idéer om vad jag ska skicka min vän!


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