torsdag, maj 25, 2006

Clay and cherry blossom

I'm supposed to be studying hard now, because I'll have the two last exams of my life (hopefully) next week, and my professor is sort of expecting that I will make them both since he's already hired me... Well, I think I've managed to study quite well today, and knitting in between onlykeeps me in a good mood.

My Starsky has passed the knitting stage, is up from the sink and lying flat drying now.

How can something so potentially beautiful look so ugly? Blää...

Well, I don't want to be without something to knit, so I went to Wincent this week and got some yarn for Rowan's Rambling Rose: 4 Ply cotton in the colour Orchid, but I think it looks more like cherry blossom (or whatever tree I got the branch from :) )

I've started to knit it in the round, because the needles are so small that it will take me forever if I have to knit purls every other row. So does anyone know how to dp steeks with cotton? I think that Mia or Marika once mentioned that she had just went back and forth with her sewing machine. Is that possible? I've also bought some extra yarn if I want to make the sleeves longer. Hopefully, there will be some fast progress on this one, but probably it wont...


At 7:25 em, Blogger Marika said...

Cotton unravels quite fast, so you have to sew several times if you want to secure cotton steeks. But that's no reason not to try it. Go ahead! (I have never done it though.)

At 12:25 em, Anonymous Anonym said...

Hi Pia!!!

You have Starsky in your sink!

What are you studying?



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