tisdag, juni 06, 2006

Are you ready to ramble?

It is more than a week ago that I started to knit on Rambling Rose. I got a shiny bright idea of knitting it in the round even though I'm using pure cotton and then make a steek in the middle. Very smart. So I knitted the 15 cm long rib on 2,5 mm needles without complaining. When the ribbing was done I read more of the pattern and saw that I was supposed to put 9 sts from each front piece on holders. That is, on both sides of the planned steek I should put 9 sts on a holder. Should I repeat it again? Or just take a silent moment so we all have a chance to figure out how to make proper steeks while the adjoining 9 sts should be put on holder?

I was puzzled. Then I figured that the journey is a goal in itself, so I put 9 sts on a holder on each side of the steek and then I made the steeks a bit longer, so that they "covered" the space. Voilà: a close-up of one of the holders and the pattern on the left side.


At 12:23 fm, Anonymous Erin said...

You are so brave! I would have thrown my hands in the air and given up at that point--I am glad you kept going. I am eager to see how the steeking will work. Keep on knitting!


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