torsdag, juni 01, 2006

The team of "Amazing Lace"

So this is a love story that started out the way any love story starts: wanting gazes which lead a soft feeling against your skin, and a warm feeling in your heart.

Sure, the girl had had many affairs before with different yarns, but this yarn was special. She had seen it in a far away land, in a small store were women looked Japanese, were the walls were covered with bamboo, the atmosphere was calm, no noise at all. Outside, on the hectic street, (the street was very wide, was it called "Widestreet"? She didn't remember) people had been shouting at the girl, but there, in the store she had felt safe. And she had seen the yarn, pinkish, silkish and imediately, she had fallen in love. This yarn was special.

The girl and the yarn knew they had to be together. They wanted to be close, so close that nothing could be between them!

And maybe one day, the girl and the yarn could give life to something else...