söndag, juni 04, 2006

Summer of lace... or summer of tango?

There hasn't been much tango this spring, not since I came back from NY. But yesterday, the first outside-milonga took place. Stora Skuggan lies just a walk from us and there is a lovely wooden floor there with a roof built on it, just next to the fake lake. (the picture is from some lindy hop-dancing, not tango).
When we first got there (M and I), there were some kind of lesson, so we just jumped right in. We later understood that some foreign students had passed by and they had been offered a quick introduction. As most beginners, the students didn't have much flow in their dance. So afterwards, people we haven't talked to before came up to us, assuming we were among the foreign students and praised us for our fluency and that we looked like we had tango in our bodies! it was quite fun, but then we had to come clean and tell them that we weren't beginners on that level, so we actually should look sort of good.

Anyway, this summer, there will be outside tango with introduction all over Stockholm. So all of you knitting bloggers, put on that knitted boleo and some high heels and get your but to any of these places, ok? Thursdays throughout July, there will be tango at Skansen. I mean, how romantic isn't that? And wednesdays, you are all welcome to Wednesday dancing at Eriksdalsbadet. There will also be tango some more saturdays at Stora Skuggan, unfortunately without any introduction. I've heard that Statsmuseet (at Slussen) also will be used as a dance floor this summer. I don't know when, but you can go to Tango Norte if you want to know more.