lördag, juni 10, 2006

A present... for me?

This is a post with lots of pictures, mmm!

My lovely Secret Pal first sent me a greeting this tuesday. It was the Swedish national holiday, and she sent me an ecard with the swedish flag on it! Thank you, sweetest, secret pal! I was so touched that you thought of me. And it doesn't stop there! On thursday I got a package from her as well!

A card with my name on it, what can it be?

Let me tell you; I love, love, love Cadbury chocolat and
one of my favourite colours is red so you got it all right, Sp!

The red is a bag for my knitting needles, better shown here:

Inside it looks like this:

And look! It has my name embroidered on it! Wow!!
It's so great Iwould like to sleep with it under my pillow
if M wouldn't think I was insane if I did it.

So what can I say? My exams are over, the sun is shinig and I got this amazing gift from my Sp.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


At 9:50 em, Anonymous Erin said...

Wow. What a great secret pal! Lucky you.

At 10:53 em, Anonymous Anonym said...

So happy you like the needle case!
Did you look in all the pockets???

At 2:34 em, Blogger Annelie said...

I want a secret pal too... and a needle bag like that... if I ask really nice would you please consider to let your sp be mine...?


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