söndag, februari 18, 2007

Secret Pal package - again!!

The lovely Nadezjda over at Queenfilo knits and knits has been revealed to be my Secret Pal 9!! I went to get the last package from her this Saturday from the grocery store (which also functions as a post office), and I am amazed! This is what's left from the beautiful package I got:

Pink merino and Nancy Bush’s Vintage socks. (The yarn is from Klazien's Kreatie but can't see any yarn at their webpage, strange...) I got some chocolate beautifully shaped as roses, but as you might understand, they exist no longer. I also got silkwool (bouretteseide = silk??? and wolle = wool) in a sea green colour, and as a tribute to Nadezjda, I’ve started to knit the same shawl (IK's Swallowtail shawl) as she’s knitting right now. Maybe this could be a present to my sister or mum, depending on when I finish it.

Even though this yarn is 550 m/100 g and hence heavier than the recommended yarn, I've seen the shawl in a similar yarn over at Garn Boet - The Yarn Nest, and it looks really nice! And most important of all, Tikru has proven that she only used a little less than 100 g to finish the shawl with the yarn they've been using! Fingers crossed that it works out for me as well!

I have been busy with other things than knitting lately. I remember that this autumn I had a similar experience. No lust to knit. Just an empty feeling, and then suddenly, a secret pal package got me jumping up and down, imagining all kinds of projects that should be worked on! Hopefully this will hold on until I manage to get at least one UFO for the spring!